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Zotero/Citoid: various issues with translation in Template compatibility
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  • For PMID input with PMC data, Citoid often generates a PMC field value with a "PMC" prefix (or even two). This is unacceptable for CS1 templates, which expect simply the numeric part.
  • For PMID input, Citoid generates a URL linking to the PMID page. This not only does not conform to the {{cite journal}} expectation of a free-access page, but is also pointless.
  • For DOI input, Citoid generates a URL linking to where the doi resolves to. Again, this is pointless, and often fails to conform to the free-access expectation.
  • CS1 templates are often unhappy with the date values emitted by Zotero. I am personally fine with the language-agnostic format, as long as it's something like ISO-8601 (2017-01, not 2017-1) that someone can justify adding support for in CS1.

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