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VisualEditor doesn't need to explicitly exclude Opera < 12 any more
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Description (formerly named "blacklist") still lists opera: [ [ '<', 12 ] ], but according to Opera < 15 won't receive any JS at all, so this is no longer necessary. The list is specified via VisualEditorBrowserUnsupportedList in extension.json and exposed to the client's JavaScript via wgVisualEditorConfig.

(I actually don't see whether really blocks all Opera versions below 15, but the test for strict mode does block at least all versions below 12.1.)

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JS appears to still be running in Opera 12, and even 11, so either our matrix is wrong or the feature check is wrong. CC @Krinkle

I don't think we should be serving JS to environments we explicitly don't trust to work correctly.

thiemowmde renamed this task from VE still explicitely blacklists Opera < 12 to VisualEditor doesn't need to explicitly exclude Opera < 12 any more.Feb 25 2021, 10:58 AM
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This is now definitely true with TLS 1.2 requirement in place since T238038.