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Run FundraisingFrontend PHP code in a container
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This ticket is about replacing the directory-based "atomic deployment" mechanism for the FundraisingFrontend with a container-based mechanism, while keeping the migration effort as low as possible.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • A multi-stage Dockerfile in that builds a self-contained version of the FundraisingFrontend. Pay attention to the order of steps to speed up the build process when vendors and node_modules did not change, leveraging the build cache.
    • Run composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader (and, if necessary copy the vendors directory into the Docker image)
    • Run make install-js and make ui (or equivalent commands in a Docker build stage) and copy the compiled client-side code into the docker image. node_modules MUST NOT be part of the deployable Docker image!
    • Copy the source code into the image
  • Infrastructure repository contains a docker-compose.yml file for the FundraisingFrontend. The file is started as a systemd service. To lower the effort, we'll reuse the existing nginx and logging infrastructure, so the configuration should
    • Expose the application on Port 9000 (to match the existing nginx configuration)
    • mount the var directory from the host
    • Mount the configuration file for the desired environment into the image
    • set the APP_ENV variable to match the configuration file
  • Atomic deploy playbook for content is adapted for docker volumes: Symlinks can't be mounted into docker containers, so maybe use hard links
  • Modify server setup playbook: remove PHP-related installation steps, add Docker and docker-compose installation

To discuss:

  • Naming/labeling schema for the Docker image builds

Not part of this ticket

  • Automated build of Docker Image
  • Automated deploys


  • Environment is the same for development and production
  • Faster Deployments and rollbacks (start containers based on different images)

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