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Add EntitySchemas to the Query Service
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Users would like to query EntitySchemas through the query service.

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+ check items against EntitySchemas

According to this post on Wikidata-l, there is a standard RDF serialisation (ShExR) for Shape Expressions, with a test suite on the ShEx spec github.

John_Cummings added a subscriber: John_Cummings.

Myself and @NavinoEvans are currently working on schema documentation and place for the community to discuss schemas to increase to use and usability of them, having this feature would really help.

There is now an experimental query service at that has a subset of all EntitySchemas. The default query shows that the ShExC code is embedded in the RDF as a rdfs:comment and can so it can be queried too. The next milestone is to load from the WD database instead of static files.

We have now finished the work on creating a space for community discussion of schemas.

Having EntitySchemas in queries and as part of statements will allow us to make use of them much more in Wikidata. E.g we'd really love to have a property called something like 'Community agreed schema' for a topic to allow people to more easily understand and use schemas, possibly it could be this existing property proposal

VIGNERON triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 10 2022, 1:12 PM

I think this is quite important (for discoverability and so on) so I set priority to "medium".