Semi-colon messes up text
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Author: Daedalus969

The semicolon, inserted in wikilinks messes up the surrounding text, as it bolds it and discounts the semicolon. It should only do this when it is obviously used for a title, otherwise it messes up templates, like the one linked, when a signature contains a semicolon. Alternatively, one could try disallowing it's usage in signatures.

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herd wrote:

This is happening because of (simplified) {{ucfirst:{{{1}}}}}, this causes a parser function to start a line with a formatting character (semicolon in example given). This is bug 12974 (duping).

The particular template in question uses ucfirst several places unnecessarily (and the one necessary place is in a category link, and there is a work around: {{ucfirst: {{{1}}}}}). I'll ask a sysop to fixit.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 12974 ***

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