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Start up the new computers
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Install Ubuntu and make sure the new computers work properly.

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The proper name for the new computers (because you can never find that when you need it) is: Lenovo ideapad S530-13IWL.

User guide can be found on:

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The four computers that had owners waiting for them have been set up as follows.


  1. Press the "Novo button" on the right side
    • It's a reset type button requiring paper clip or similar
  2. Boot from Ubuntu boot disk
  3. Choose test Ubuntu to get access to Gparted
  4. Resize and move partitions (see "Partitions" below)
    • Only make space for Ubuntu partitions now, they are created during installation
  5. Install Ubuntu (only deviations from default selections noted)
    1. Select Swedish input
    2. In "Installation type" select "Something else" because we want partitions
    3. Add partitions (see "Partitions" below)

Three of the computers had some disk problems that were solved by running chkdsk /f using a Windows boot disk.


I tested the most basic functionality.

What works

Everything in the list worked out of the box.

  • Wifi
  • Sound
  • Webcam
  • Touchpad
  • Headset through 3.5 mm jack
  • Monitor through HDMI
  • Bluetooth

What doesn't

Not tested

  • Hibernation
  • Sound through HDMI


  • Windows gets to keep 100 GB
    • This should be enough if people want to use it
  • Root, 50 GB
    • Something like 20 GB would probably be enough, but just to avoid it getting filled up with cache/updates/etc.
  • Home, ~355 GB
    • All that's left
  • No swap
    • Hibernation is probably not used by most, since it's not enabled by default
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Not tested


  • Sound through HDMI

This has now been tested and worked.