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Template boundaries expanded to include the list of links below
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The Portal template in Tumba de corredor en cuña is placed next to a list of links.

When the template is selected in Visual Editor, the selection also includes the links below the template ("Arquitectura prehistórica", "megalitismo", etc.) as if they were part of the template:

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 12.01.01.png (212×788 px, 36 KB)

The wikitext version for that fragment is:

* [[Arquitectura prehistórica]]
* [[Megalitismo]]
* [[Anexo:Glosario de arquitectura prehistórica|Glosario de arquitectura prehistórica]]
* [[Arqueoastronomía]]

This makes it hard to edit such links in Visual editor, and may affect other tools based on it such as content translation (T216812).

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I think this is currently correct behaviour from Parsoid's point of view. This is similar to template generated tables.

In this case it might be possible to isolate the single list item as being template generated, and not the open <ul>, but the Parsoid team will be able to tell you if that is feasible or not.