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Mwoauthdatastore-request-token-already-used shows html tags instead
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In this picture we can see to Mwoauthdatastore-request-token-already-requested shows html taqs instead of using it:

It shouldn't be <a class="external" href="-{R|}-">E009</a>, but it should be E009.

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It shouldn't be <a class="external" href="-{R|}-">E009</a>

It isn't; judging from the color a part of it does get turned into a link, so the raw HTML must be something like &lt;a class="external" href="<a href="???">-{R|}-</a>"&gt;E009&lt;/a&gt; No idea what's going on there. Presumably this is Serbian and the -{R thing is some language converter code?

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Closing this as duplicate, even through it's older, since I already exported the other to GCI site. :)