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Prepare Phame to support heavy traffic for a Tech Department blog
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Steps to Reproduce (tentative)

  1. Create a new blog entry at{id_number}
  2. Browse to the new blog entry via{id_number}

Actual Results
Blog page is served directly from Phabricator.
Blog entry URLs are ugly.

Requested Results
Page is served from Wikimedia CDN cache if possible.
Blog URLs are prettier.

Brandon suggested that, with the creation of a specific URL (subdomain?) particular to Phame, it would be much easier to cache all of this data and reduce the risk that Phabricator is impaired by heavy traffic to a Phame blog post.

We've discussed re-using the old defunct (currently just a redirect) as the pretty and cacheable entrypoint. There's some configuration work to do on the phame side, as well as DNS and edge cache support. Probably this public-facing URI will not allow authentication at all (readonly), enforced at the cache layer by stripping Authorization/Cookie headers.

(This task emerged from a discussion of Phame blogging at the SRE offsite.)

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If re-using, please take care not to break existing urls. The root path would be fine to change as it was always pointing to a mutable post overview. However, the rest of the domain used to be the blog now at Urls such as currently work and have been used in publications elsewhere, and are expected to continue to work (with redirect).

This could be done in numerous ways of course. The simplest would be to move the redirect we currently have at /* and reduce its scope to only the 2007-2018 paths.

Implementing a blanket redirect to the legacy blog URI for ^/20(0[7-9]|1[0-8])/ should be feasible in VCL or Lua at the edge. Or alternatively, we could also just leave it alone and pick another hostname, too.

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This seems like a good idea, however, the upstream documentation has a warning that there are some issues with an external blog / dedicated subdomain:

Nevertheless, I don't think that any issues will be insurmountable...

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