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Measure newcomer retention after their first translation for selected small wikis
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As part of the Language annual plan (T225298), we want to measure the percentage of (new) editors that completed their second translation in a month for selected small wikis.

This is a revised version of the measurement described in T195949 in order to support focusing on a set of selected wikis. so the same considerations apply:

  • We want to have separate measurements for (a) "new editors", and (b) "existing editors" as a reference.
  • New editors are defined as users that created their account during the last 6 months (the initial criteria user for new editor experiences research). A user starting multiple translations, should be counted only once.
  • 30 days is the period considered for retention. For example, February stats will count the editors that published their second translation if they had made their first translation in the previous 30 days (a period covering part of January and February for the example).

In addition, we want to present the results in a way that allow focusing on the selected small wikis. Results should be visible for:

  • All Wikipedias (aggregate of all languages)
  • Selected small wikis (aggregate of the 5 languages below)
  • Malayalam
  • Bengali
  • Tagalog
  • Javanese
  • Mongolian

As part of this task, we will look into adding the resulting retention data to the Content Translation key metrics dashboard once the query is complete so it can be reviewed and filtered within the dashboard.

T195949 is a related ticket about retention. We may want to review it to decide how much the scope overlaps.

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Assignment is pending finalization of analyst point people to teams

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I'll be working on this during the current quarter, but it doesn't need to be done immediately, so setting the priority as normal.

Based on discussions with @Pginer-WMF, this is a lower priority than T231316 and T250378, so we probably won't have a chance to do it until the next quarter.