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access.log is not being written for wsexport
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I noticed that the log file at /data/project/wsexport/access.log was quite large, and renamed it to access_2019-06-21.log, and in doing so I noticed that it hadn't been touched for a few weeks:

-rw-r--r--  1 tools.wsexport tools.wsexport  740925158 May 29 11:53 access.log

I renamed it, and it didn't get recreated when I loaded the website. I touched the filename, thinking that maybe it wanted it to already exist for some reason, but that didn't work.

Other tools I've got are logging requests correctly in access.log.

Is there something wrong with the configuration of wsexport?

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When switching log files the lighttpd service needs to be restarted to release the existing file handle. I restarted the service with webservice restart and verified log messages are now showing up in access.log.

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Thanks @JHedden I should have thought of that!

T68623 is an actual fix for the issue that caused this one.