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Addition of a voting feature in 'Extension:StructuredDiscussions'
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This is a Feature Request.
I am working on a MediaWiki project.
I have installed the Extension:StructuredDiscussions on my wiki & it is working sucessfully.
If it is possible, i want to have a voting feature in 'Extension:StructuredDiscussions', so that users can vote the replies of other users & the total score appears.(like in 'Extension:Comments').

Maybe this can be done by integration of 'Extension:StructuredDiscussions' with 'Extension:VoteNY' ..?

Please add this feature.

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@Falcopragati: Please do not add random people as subscribers and please do not increase the priority of a task if you do not plan to work on fixing this task. Thanks.

@ashley is it possible to add a voting functionality to StructuredDiscussions's user replies ?

@Falcopragati: Why do you think that @ashley would know the answer to your question?

@Aklapper I think that because he authored Extension:VoteNY and Extension: Comments with others. what they did with 'Comments' i.e voting functionality for user replies is exactly the feature I want to add in Extension:StructuredDiscussions .So offcourse his experience could be helpful.
PS:I am totally new to this MediaWiki thing, I got assigned this as a college project and since there are not much resources outside which are helpful ,I am just trying to contact whosoever is relevant.

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While this feature may have benefits in the future, at this time the Growth-Team is not able to expand Structured Discussions. Thank you for working on this.