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Log and count occurances of save attempts of alises containing pipes
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Based on the result of T223270, we would like to know how often users attempt to save aliases containing pipe | characters.
A log entry is made each time a user attempts this, either through Special:SetAliases or through Special:SetLavelDescriptionAliases.

We need to count those log entries. The easiest would be adding a Grafana board for this data.

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Addshore subscribed.

So the logging ends up in logstash.
Rather than add any aditional metric tracking for statsd and thus graphite we can just look at

It's only been deployed for roughly 5 days so far, and so far no occourances on
I triggered 2 errors on test wikidata today to proove that the logging is working

Assigning to myself and I will check back in a week etc and update the status

Addshore closed this task as Resolved.EditedNov 1 2019, 8:45 AM

Reporting back (very late)
Apparently this occurred 9 times in the last 90 days.