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Errors in issue system should disable publish button
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When there is an error registered inside issue system, publish button should be disabled. For example, publishing restriction from T192144 relies on such feature to work.
However, current behavior is pretty fragile and publish button is disabled only if the latest registered issue was error. To see this, follow the steps:

  1. Start new translation. Any article and language pair will do
  2. Add leading paragraph to the translation
  3. Append > (greater than sign) to the target title
  4. Result: Publish button is disabled
  5. Add two more paragraphs (second is added so that first is validated for too much MT)
  6. Result: Publish button gets enabled, even though there is an error, which is coming from invalid title. Publish settings are disabled, which is not directly related
  7. Remove > character previously added to the target title and add it again, so that title validation is triggered again and error re-registered
  8. Result: Publish button is disabled again

Expected result: Whenever there is an error in issue system, publishing should be prevented by having publish button disabled.