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GUC: Add display of edit counts (again)
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I've removed this feature because it was unsustainable in its current form

  • After the comment table refactoring (T195515), the tool become about 100X slower,
  • After the actor table refactoring (T224440), the tool stopped working initially, and making the per-wiki edit counts and global edit counts work as too difficult.

But, let's think about how we can bring it back in a way that's more performant.

Historically, GUC would do a count() query on the revision database of each wiki looking for revisions that match the given username, IP, or prefix. Then for wikis with non-zero matches, it would do another query for the actual rows.

This had the side-effect of making it match imported revisions, even if they were not really done by the user of that name in SUL. And these were also included in the per-wiki and global edit counts that GUC displayed.

This also had the side-effect of giving IP addresses a per-wiki and global edit count, despite that not really being a thing that exists in MediaWiki.

The quickest way to re-create the display of edit counts would be to use the MediaWiki field for this from the user table. This means it will sometimes be inaccurate, and it will not include imported revisions, and will not be present when looking for IPs.

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Change 518335 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle; owner: Krinkle):
[labs/tools/guc@master] Remove the display of total edit count

Change 518335 merged by jenkins-bot:
[labs/tools/guc@master] Remove the display of total edit count

Krinkle removed a project: Patch-For-Review.
Krinkle added a project: patch-welcome.

Lowering priority because the information is easily available via on-wiki CentralAuth special page, including for all wikis at once.