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Develop a page for the edit-a-thon at the last stop
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This also include a description of what can be done at the Wikimedia projects + add some material for citation and lists.

Event Timeline

Made two different sites with tables, one for Gamla stan and one for Djurgården. There is a link under each track in the Culture Crawl-site.

Asked the institutions for some input to the edit-a-thon.

Add information about FingingGLAMs at the site

I think we can help the institutions with suggestions. Perhaps we can ask for a sparql request in Wikidata find relevant tasks?

Perhaps ask Merrillee Proffitt about help? She has arranged similar edithathons previously.

I see this is assigned to me. Do you want me to do this, @Tore_Danielsson_WMSE ?

I can take contact with MP and ask about some suggestions. So I just want to keep you updated.

Find volunteers who can be responsible for the edit-a-thon.
Do we need more/bigger locations?

Jopparn set the point value for this task to 2.Aug 5 2019, 12:22 PM

Skansen have confirmed 60 persons and a gudied walk in Baltic Sea Science Center with some material to start to work with.

Made an inquiry on the "month's assignment" on Swedish Wikipedia for help about what to write about at the end stop edit-a-thon

Outreach dashboard here, any more activities that should go in there?