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Unify tracking information storage
Open, Needs TriagePublic


In the fundraising app we're collecting the Matomo keyword and campaign and the per-user banner impression counts (per-banner and overall) in the donation and membership data. Currently, there are two ways the data is stored:

  • The code in app/Bootstrap.php takes the campaign and keyword the URL or a cookie, makes it available on every request and writes it into the spenden_tracking session cookie (to make it available on subsequent requests).
  • The impression counts are taken from the URL and passed around as form fields

A better way to handle these parameters would be to store them ALL in the session.

This ticket is about the storage of tracking information inside the PHP code and framework, between requests. There are two related tickets that deal with the persistence of the information, associating the tracking information with a donation or membership: T134327: Clean up TrackingInfo and T203679: Refactor fundraising database schema