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Homepage: discovery of homepage after account creation (echo notification)
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In T222852, T225318 and T224883 we researched and designed solutions to help newcomers discover the Homepage after account creation.

The analysis of current tools used to greet newcomers surfaced how the existing "Welcome" echo notification could also be improved to drive more users in out treatment groups to the Homepage right after account creation.

Possible specifications for the intervention on the "Welcome" echo notification have been outlined already, and would mostly involve copy changes:

  • Header text: "Welcome to Wikipedia, [username]! We're glad you're here."
  • Body text: "Looking for a way to get started? Click on [username] to visit your homepage."
    • [username] will be preceded by the user avatar icon (in-line).
    • [username] should never be hyphenated.
  • The notification will be displayed, no matter the context of origin and the destination, right after account creation.
    • The notification will de displayed on both desktop and mobile, for both Js-enabled and noJs users

Some questions need to be answered before we consider moving further with those changes:

  • Is the "Welcome to Wikipedia" notification something that we configure? Or that wikis configure?
  • Do all wikis have it?

@MMiller_WMF @Catrope @kostajh @SBisson

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@MMiller_WMF @nettrom_WMF -- Do we have any data about how many newcomers click on the notifications icon and how many click on the "Welcome" notification?

@Cntlsn : We have data on interactions with Echo notifications, so I could run some analysis on that. Are we trying to determine what proportion of users get a notification, and of those, how many click on them? In other words, that we're trying to learn if the notification is a useful way of directing the user's attention to the Homepage?

When you say "Welcome notification", do you mean Echo notifications, or are you referring to for example the welcome post on user talk pages that happen in Korean Wikipedia? If it's the latter, there's some insight into that in the initial EditorJourney report. 18% of Korean users visit a User talk page as the first thing they do after registration, and it's mainly their own (which is where the welcome message is posted). The proportion of users who visit their own User or User talk page in the first 24 hours after registration is also higher in Korean (39.3%) than in Czech (33.8%).

Thanks @nettrom_WMF for your insights on this, super helpful!
Yes, what we are trying to learn is whether users interact with the "Welcome" echo notification, therefore evaluate if we should consider using it as a trigger to direct them to the Homepage.

When I'm talking about the "Welcome" echo notification, I'm talking about this:

Screenshot 2019-06-28 12.24.24.png (352×1 px, 49 KB)

About the data insight on the percentage of Korean users that visit their User talk page as the first thing after registration, how do they get there?

  • Do they interact with the echo notification informing them of a new edit on their talk page?
  • Do they click directly on the User talk page link in the personal tools?
  • Other?

Thanks a lot for your help!

@Catrope -- is this "welcome" echo notification something that is controlled centrally or something that wikis configure? Do all wikis have it?

Based on this conversation it looks like I should upgrade the priority of T207526 and add that we're particularly interested in learning whether users interact with a welcome-style message. I can schedule that for next week, unless @MMiller_WMF suggests otherwise.

@Cntlsn : When it comes to "how do newcomers on Korean WP get to their User talk page?", I'm fairly certain that most of them click on the large, very orange message that says "You have new messages".

@nettrom_WMF @Cntlsn -- thanks for thinking about this. I consider this to be a lower priority "feature to aid discovery", coming behind the several others we have in the pipeline, and so I don't think we should spend resources on it right now. Maybe later.

But I would like to hear from @Catrope about the question above: is this "welcome" echo notification something that is controlled centrally or something that wikis configure? Do all wikis have it?

Agree with @MMiller_WMF about low prio of this item.
However, FWIW it does look like the Welcome Echo notification is customizable to an extent, since clicking on the notification on EN, CS, and KO does different things (EN: Goes to GettingStarted, KO: No link anywhere, CS: Goes to Help:Introduction)

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