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Help panel: make maximum question length more clear
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While looking through cswiki mentorship questions, caught my attention. It's quite long (longer than any other question I saw) and it's clearly not complete (it ends with "Budu pokrač, už to víc n", which is clearly not complete Czech sentence). I've tried to copy the whole question to question interface and to add some text to it, and it seems there's some limit on maximum question length. I think this limit should be more clear to users, for instance such as the VisualEditor "edit summary" field, see screenshot.

@MMiller_WMF, what do you think about this? Do you think this is an important thing to have?

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@Urbanecm -- thanks for noticing this. There is a length limit, but we thought it was so long that no one would ever exceed it. It's 2,000 characters. Interestingly, the help panel currently stops the user from typing past the character limit, so maybe the user you saw typed their question outside the help panel and then pasted it in, and didn't notice that it got cut off.

I think the appropriate fix would be to have some sort of character counter. I'll add this to our backlog.

Thank you, @MMiller_WMF. Just wondering, why does the length limit exist? Why can't we just allow questions that are unlimited in length, just in case?

@Urbanecm -- that's a good question. We probably thought of this because we were worried about the help panel being used as a vector for spam.
So far, that hasn't happened -- but it doesn't mean it won't happen if it were deployed on a wiki like English Wikipedia. @Catrope, @SBisson, @kostajh, @Trizek-WMF -- what do you think?

Honestly, an user has already a plenty of ways to vandalize/spam Wikipedia, with even unlimited changes, using usual wiki edits. Given editing through Growth projects doesn't give any level of exemptions and it's just like a regular wiki edit (at least since {T222014 }is resolved), just not using the regular wiki interface, I don't think we should worry much about abusing of help panel.

@Trizek-WMF -- I would be okay with removing the limit, if you think it's a good idea.