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Performance review of hover-in/out event logging in GrowthExperiments Special:Homepage
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Placeholder task for performance review of hover-in/out event logging in the Special:Homepage feature, needed before more widespread deployment of this feature happens.

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JTannerWMF added subscribers: nettrom_WMF, JTannerWMF.

We will not get to this task until @nettrom_WMF gets data back about hover events from our current target wikis.

A question that came out of triage was, is hover logging valuable for bigger wikis, which is something we can explore more later.

nettrom_WMF added a subscriber: MMiller_WMF.

Moving this to the Icebox on the Product Analytics board. Not sure when/if this is going to be an issue (we're currently nowhere near danger territory at 20–30 events/sec being the higher end of the dataset). Adding @MMiller_WMF to the subscriber list as well as I figured he should learn if something changes here.

Closing per T250125, we can reopen again if we want to bring this functionality back.