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Feature Request: Tagging new sections
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As a person who collaborates with a lot of folks, I often need create new sections. Sometimes, I have to reference previous conversations which requires viewing my contribution history. I would find it helpful if whenever I, or another user, makes a new section using __NEWSECTIONLINK__ or T217563 that the edit gets tagged by the software as such.
This could be really helpful in cases where I am going back in my own edit history and seeing my previous proposals.

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MJL renamed this task from New section tagging to Feature Request: Tagging new sections.Jul 5 2019, 7:12 PM
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Does this task really need to be resolved before T217563 can be resolved?

@Aklapper No, that's supposed to be reversed. I should just accept I'll never be good at Phabricator and agree to never try stuff like that. :/

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With the implementation of T242184, this task has been made fundamentally obsolete. I have therefore closed it as resolved.