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Not compatible with MediaWiki 1.33 (img_description column doesn't exist)
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GraphViz is not compatible with MediaWiki 1.33. It tries to write on the img_description column from the image table, but that column has been removed on MediaWiki 1.33

See Topic:V2cf1hrkrjb8i2ub

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I'm in favour of removing the uploading of graph images as wiki files (e.g. this patch), which would solve this issue too I think.

There's some discussion about that on T215391.

We use the GraphViz extension on the wiki which we're upgrading from 1.27 to 1.33. Is there any hope for a fix? I've tried patching the database as described here, but get Error: Image is invalid or non-existent.

One solution here might be to create a small PHP web service, external to MediaWiki, that renders the graphs so they don't have to be added to the wiki. It seems like the idea of rendering the graphs into the images/ directory (the patch I linked above) and serving them directly from there is no good for people using the AWS extension (and other file repositories).

Does this sound like it'd be worth it? Does anyone have any other ideas?