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Monobook – the three symbols User-page / your alerts / your notices
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With monobook, responsive design and german language on deWiki a click on any of these three symbol on the top of the page opens my notices. I cannot reach my alerts, I cannot reach my user page.

With monobook, responsive design and english language, the behaviour is a little bit different. With these settings I can open my user page, but my alerts (the bell and the red numbers) still opens my notices.

It seems to be even more confusing. When I just switch the language from english to german, a click on my username opens my alerts, some pages/time later, a click on my username opens my notices – click on my alerts opens my notices in both cases.

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This issue is already discussed in the comments to T226594.

But this is a specific issue, so it's good to have a task about it.

I think the obvious conclusion here is that my stupid mobile echo hacks are stupid. I guess it's time to kill it and do something less stupid...

The direct precursor to this bug seems to be T226503. "Everything fixed, no problem at all."

@Pruem: I don't know how to interpret your last comment. Where did anyone write "Everything fixed, no problem at all" and how is that relevant at all for this task?

I apologize for this side comment. It's an inside joke where I live and means as much as snafu.