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Fix cache clearing step during content deployment
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When deploying content, the ansible playbook exits with an error code.

The log shows that the step cachetool : Clear PHP bytecode cache fails with the following error output:
FastCGI error: Unable to connect to FastCGI application: No such file or directory (/var/run/php/php-fpm-current.sock)

As discussed during the Daily already, this might be caused by a missing/wrong symlink or an FPM configuration error. The symlink is/should be created during setup playbook execution.

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The symlinks are now there, but the automatic deployment is still broken - Jenkins does not spin up jobs on its Docker cloud for unknown reasons. Please use manual deployment in the meantime: In the fundraising-infrastructure repo run

ansible-playbook -i inventory/deployment.ini -l fundraising_frontend_test deployments/content.yml


ansible-playbook -i inventory/deployment.ini -l fundraising_frontend_production deployments/content.yml

Another update of Jenkins has helped, but for unknown reasons. PR is at