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Design: Determine WhoColor API Error Behavior
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Background: The WhoColor API is slow and prone to certain errors. We want to determine the behavior (from the user perspective) when errors occur. From Moriel: "Some pages didn't get crunched right on their end [API] and some might mean slow connection to the client, etc. The mockup doesn't have a spinner and it doesn't have an indication of failure."

• Develop proposal for WhoColor API behavior (to share with the team), which includes the following:

  1. Behavior when page is still loading (e.g. spinner/visual animation)
  2. Behavior when the API fails/throws an error

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ifried created this task.Jun 27 2019, 6:58 PM
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Prtksxna added a comment.EditedJul 3 2019, 3:50 AM

I am hoping that we can use the same blue bar to show different states of the tool. Ottawahitech had suggested that we don't cover the View History and Edit tabs, and I think that makes sense. We should however make it sticky so that its visible even when the user has scrolled down.

For the animation we can use

These look great!

Should the loading bar be a bit dimmed, though? It's something I see a lot in other places and usually gives a very quick indication that the UI isn't fully loaded yet even at a glance. Then when it is loaded, it's full bright blue or red.

What do you think, @Prtksxna ?

Good idea @Mooeypoo! I've updated the screenshots above.

This design work can be used in the implementation of T226760.

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