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Add recurring event option to calendar
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Incorporate an option to describe an event as recurring and select the frequency of recurrence.

Event Timeline

Is this task being included in our next contract with Angus?

I believe this should have priority within the package of 10 additional hours we've requested in this upcoming contract. So, I'd say yes.

Just a note that we may not actually need to commission this, as it is being worked on here:

Given any extra hours from the developer after the first round of multilingual features are deployed, this has priority.

Considerations for flexibility of this feature, from a conversation on Space (

"In recurrent events, part of the infos will be, by definition, constant, but, and that the point, not solely the date will be variant ; some other “fields” may also vary, systematically or from time to time. For instance, the theme of each peculiar session, the type of awaited or targeted public, the precise location (rooms prone to change)"

Feature must allow for changes to these fields on particular dates.