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Semi-protection of very used Wikidata Items
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As per Wikidata:Requests for comment/semi-protection to prevent vandalism on most used Items, there is consensus to regularly semi-protect all unprotected Wikidata Items used by 500 Wikimedia pages or more. The easiest way is to regularly:

  • T226882, generate the list of unprotected Items that are used by 500 Wikimedia pages or more (WMDE);
  • T226885, run an open-source bot from Wikimedia Toolforge to semi-protect those Items (Wikidata community).

Apart from that we have to:

  • detect (unusual) Items that were semi-protected only because of their high usage and that have fallen below the threshold,
  • unprotect them.

The list of unprotected and/or very used Wikidata Items is sensitive information, so it should be readable by the bot but not publicly available.