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VideoJS player is next to the score instead of below it
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The VideoJS player for the automatically generated MediaWiki-extensions-Score playback is shown next to the score itself, while the Kaltura one is below it. VideoJS should appear below, too.


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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptJun 29 2019, 11:27 PM

Please always provide a link where to see the problem. See - thanks.

Sorry, it’s,_Nagyabonyban (BTW any other score I saw is bad as well).

Thanks. :) I assumed it happens on every Score page, but if you quickly copy and paste the link here that you have opened anyway, then someone else does not need to spend time to manually find a Score page. :)

TheDJ added a subscriber: TheDJ.

Yes this is expected. The old player was always in block mode, while the newer player allows inline positioning (just like normal images do). That might require Score+TMH to have an additional CSS line to force it to the next line. Not sure if this should be in Score or in TMH...

I think it has better place in Score, but it would require TMH to have a consistent outer element. Currently the Kaltura player’s outer element is

<div class="mediaContainer" style="width:300px">

(which is present without JavaScript as well); VideoJS’ outer element is

<div class="video-js mwe_player_0-dimensions vjs-controls-enabled vjs-audio vjs-workinghover vjs-v7 vjs-has-started vjs-user-inactive vjs-waiting vjs-paused vjs-ended" data-durationhint="32.253968253968" data-disablecontrols="options,timedText" preload="metadata" id="mwe_player_0" tabindex="-1" role="region" aria-label="Audio Player" lang="hu">

but the JavaScript-less HTML source contains only an <audio> element. Wrapping the VideoJS HTML (JavaScript-less) output in

<div class="mediaContainer">

(with display:inline-block) can help Score to style it appropriately.