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Global Rights changes report error, on success
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Author: herd

Upon submission: "there's no such user on aawiki" or such.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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MF-W, why did you add this to bug 41492? Did you encounter it? Are you able to provide steps to reproduce?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Special:GlobalUserRights (formerly Special:GlobalGroupMembership).
  2. Choose a user & a wiki on which his global account is present; change his global rights.
  3. The "success" message is >>The global user <Username> is not active on the wiki you specified ( aawiki ). You may be attempting to assign rights to the wrong user! <<

Apparently the special page does not remember which wiki was chosen and tries to spring to aawiki. Note that aawiki is actually not present in the drop-down list of wikis on the page.

Thanks. But the global rights are assigned nevertheless, right? Or how are they being assigned otherwise?

By the way, aawiki is a closed wiki and is also the guinea pig or fake target for many maintenance scripts.

Yes, the rights are assigned, and to the intended user.

Maybe this can be solved by removing the "choose wiki" part altogether. Only one global account per name can exist anyway, no matter on which wikis it is attached...

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