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Page summary endpoint in RESTBase not updated since about June 27
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Page [1] was vandalised 27.06.2019, edit was reverted and hidden. But vandalised version still remains in page preview, see

Page cache purging doesn't help. This should be fixed because this preview in other articles blatantly violates BLP principles.


Since 27th/28th of June the page previews on Wikipedia aren't updated anymore. Even manual purge doesn't help.

Steps to Reproduce:

Actual Result:

  • The popup shows old versions of the articles still refering to the people in present tense ('is')

Expected Result:

  • The popup should show the recent article texts updated to past tense ('was')

Additional info:
According to my browser the preview is fetched via REST-API from[title].
Other API calls like[title] and[title] get the most recent version

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Please provide steps to reproduce by offering a link where to see the page preview, so someone can try to reproduce.

Please provide the exact text where to see the page preview, so someone trying to reproduce can copy and paste, in order to search.

Please read which explains how to file tasks.

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In T226983#5296083, @MaxBioHazard wrote:

Thanks! Confirming the problem.
The page preview is created by callingБаста_(музыкант) and that shows the vandalized outdated version. So there seems to be some caching.

Interestingly,Баста_(музыкант)&exlimit=1&exintro shows the non-vandalized version (Gazgolder).

  1. I don't understand. The same as answer 1?

Yes, indeed, now that it's clear which page displays the preview and which page is the target page, and which page includes the vandalized revision.

  1. I already read it.

Then please also follow it when creating tasks. :) Thanks.

Sorry, this didn't come up on my search yesterday, so I opened a new task which most likely adresses the same issue:

PerfektesChaos added a subscriber: PerfektesChaos.EditedJul 2 2019, 8:00 AM

T227033 is reporting a similar issue, first observed about 27 June 2019.

Prominent people who are indicated as dead since a few days on Wikipedia main page are still alive on page preview popup, while the article has been updated and purged with all available means.

To reproduce such behaviour two aspects seem important to me:

  • Anonymous or registered?
  • Europe or US?

My impression is that a cache server at Amsterdam became almost disconnected from updates.

  • However, if I look for articles which were created most recently then I get the page preview of a three minutes old article as unregistered user.

There are multiple cache systems, for anonymous and registered, and probably on each physical site a different one.

  • It is not clear to me which physical connection is used by REST API under which circumstances.
  • For traditional page access it makes a huge difference whether reading just by IP (which is 99% of the load) or whether any login cookie suggests a registered user, which will direct a query to privileged and rather quickly purged cache.

Perhaps the /page branch of the REST API should support a /page/purge mode to influence exactly that delivering cache.

MBH added a comment.Jul 2 2019, 11:07 AM

Russia (Siberia): outdated version both registered and unregistered view.

MBH added a comment.Jul 3 2019, 1:46 PM

User from New-York reports that he see vandalised version too.

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This seems Unbreak now to me, as it seems like about every Page Preview by every reader from everywhere in the world is affected (I can reproduce in Asia). "Switch summary to proxying to the backend service" by @Pchelolo from ( seems most likely at a glance to be the issue, since only the page summary is not updating.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-07-08T13:48:49Z] <ppchelko@deploy1001> Started deploy [restbase/deploy@8e81e98]: Release 1.0, expose talk endpoints T225733, suggestions endpoints T224754, fix summary purging T226983

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-07-08T14:05:01Z] <ppchelko@deploy1001> Finished deploy [restbase/deploy@8e81e98]: Release 1.0, expose talk endpoints T225733, suggestions endpoints T224754, fix summary purging T226983 (duration: 16m 11s)

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