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Open modal with edit link information
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As a Wikidata Bridge tester I want to see the information extracted from the edit link in order to verify it. It should be shown in the first version of the modal.


desktop_simple.png (510×522 px, 25 KB)

mobile_simple.png (893×563 px, 14 KB)

For full specs see figma file (layout of the modal content [buttons, ...] is out of scope!)

GIVEN a Wikidata Bridge enabled infobox
WHEN clicking on an edit link
THEN a modal opens
AND it shows information about edit flow, Item ID and Property ID

Acceptance criteria:

  • clicking an edit link that qualifies for data bridge T224832: Connect template parameter to corresponding Wikidata property opens a modal showing Item ID, Property ID, and edit flow
  • modal (highlights - follow figma for details)
    • has 50% white, blocking background
      • click on blocking background does not close the modal, there is no escape behavior, ...
    • content box is horizontally and vertically centered
    • padding (turquoise) is 20px
    • fixed dimensions (width & height = 500px * 488px)
    • on view ports ≤ 499px width
      • width and height are 100%
    • prevents scrolling (of the article "under" the modal)
    • has a drop shadow same as the termbox modal

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clicking the edit link opens a popup with the correct extracted information

I am fixating on the word popup here: engineers will need some guidelines for the popup and the visual elements inside of the popup. Could you please add measurements, color codes etc. or a reference to the reused elements, if that's the case, to the parent task T224833 ?


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Hello, just checked the modal on de.beta.wikipedia. looks great apart from the text not being left aligned with the specified padding etc. My understanding was that this is part of the ticket as seen in the acceptance criteria.

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