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Investigate Shape Expressions for GLAMs
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Investigate how we can use Shape Expressions within this project.

This will involve

  • Learning how to build Shaped Expressions
  • Developing a list of required statements a GLAM item should have
    • Let's start with a general list for any GLAM, not specifically split into museums/libraries/etc
  • Creating a Shaped Expression using those requirements
  • Demonstrating how a subset of GLAM items (e.g. within a country) can be examined using Shape Expressions

Event Timeline

We just had a call of the Shape Expression working group.

We would like to better understand how we can move this issue forward, and eventually close it.

I think it would be better to have some examples on how the information equivalent to shapes is currently being transmitted inside GLAM Wikiprojects (contributor to contributor), so we can have some feasibility on where we can contribute most fruitfully.

Based on the lastest ShEx meeting discussion, here are some examples (based on existing schemas):

  1. Written work:
  2. edition of a written work:
  3. music composition by W.A.Mozart:
  4. author:
  5. book edition in Libris :
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