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Communication: Employer Name field is returning blank values
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The field we are using to capture donor input (Employer Name) during the test is returning blank values.

I have done a few searches and with each search the number of donors civi returns increases. Right now it returns 176 contacts.

Here is how I searched:
Search --> Search Builder

image.png (205×840 px, 16 KB)

When I export those contacts all of the Employer Name fields are blank with the exception of the test donation Monsters Inc. I've also noticed that a lot of these donors have not made a recent donation either.

I'll need to be able to pull this list for research and analytics.

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DStrine added a subscriber: DStrine.

We talked about this in fortnightly today. @NNichols If you search for Communication:Employer Name Regex [a-zA-Z] that will return only those with values. (Not Empty works too but is slow.)

@NNichols Please let us know if the last comment works. If you have a method to search, I feel we can close this.

@mepps Not Empty is really slow but thank you for giving me the option!
@DStrine good to close.