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There is no tag for project wikibooks, it would be great to have such a tag for reporting bugs about

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Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 3 2019, 9:09 AM

Hi. Please read T154549#5301982 again. It says: explaining how these tags will be used and by whom.

The wikibooks tag will be used by users of the wikibooks platform who find bugs in it.

@martin.monperrus: Please see my previous comment again: "It says: explaining how these tags will be used and by whom."
Which specific "users" have expressed interest in this? Creating a place where "users" can report bugs and then there is nobody who cares about those bugs would both deliberately waste time of "users" and potentially create fragmentation of conversations (if bugs were discussed on village pumps/reading rooms before, for example the English one).
That is why I'm asking you to come up with better and way clearer planned use cases and who exactly is interested in this as creating wrong expectations helps nobody.

I needed this tag when I contributed my first bug report on wikibooks, thinking it may help the
wikibooks admins.

Sorry for the spurious contribution, if you think it's not relevant, that's OK to decline and close
the bug.

@martin.monperrus: Thanks for clarifying. I think this describes a misunderstanding that I'm afraid of:
Creating another place (as some places might already exist where people report issues and people plan and organize to work on issues) where people might report issues (and might expect someone to take a look at those issues and maybe fix those issues) won't solve any problems if there is no plan / commitment how to have people be present in that new place who take a look at those issues and maybe fix those issues. It might just create more frustration for reporters if nobody looks at their issues (and admins if they have to look at yet another place, also see ).

However, if specific Wikibooks admin express their interest, and [have a] plan how to make people who report issues actually also find this new place, that would surely be something to discuss and I'd be way less reluctant.