Do not list bots as "active users"
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

Do not count bots as "active users".
Real people (authors, editors) are actually assumed at [[Special:Statistics]] and [[Special:ActiveUsers]].

To list (and count) bot accounts as active users is rather obscure.
To have a clean list would be nice.

Example: On alswiki Special:Statistics states that there have been 98 active users; but many of those 98 are bot accounts, not users; see given URL.

At least let visitors filter them out (&hidebots=1).

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Severity: enhancement

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Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Forget about [[Special:Statistics]]. On alswiki it shows 98, but [[als:Special:ActiveUsers]] lists 132.
Either the two periods are different (30 days?) or for [[Special:Statistics]] no bots are counted (not sure if global bots get respected). I should have been looking closer, but '98' still seems to be a bit too much for me.

Nevertheless, either remove bots (incl. global ones) from [[Special:ActiveUsers]], or (probably better) create a filter (&hidebots=1). There could be another filters like &hidesysops=1 an so on. It would be cool to filter out "active admins" :-)

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freak wrote:

fixed in r59484 ... added two checkboxes to filter out bot and/or sysop users

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