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Usage of article titles in Wikidata search suggestions
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Sometimes item label and aliases values differs from article title.
For example, Q16654862.
It have label "Ивановка", but article is named as "Ивановка (Теренкольский район)".
When user copies Wikipedia article title and paste it into search field (or into value field, when creating new property), suggestion list shows zero items.
It would be good if Wikidata engine will add corresponding items to the list.
At least, they can be added if no more suitable alternatives are found.
Right now, to overcome this limitations, users are adding article titles to aliases.
Which results in duplication and eventually out of sync data.

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Smalyshev triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 5 2019, 10:51 PM
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The problem is right now sitelink texts are not indexed anywhere except in text. We could add match against text, but that would probably involve huge number of false positives, or add another field to index sitelink titles. But that would be prone to sync problems since Wikidata has no idea when wiki pages are moved, unless there's some kind of notification.

I am not sure though why one should be pasting the full Wikipedia article title? If you have Wikipedia article, it's just one click to Wikidata item...

It may be two clicks. If user have article A opened, he may copy title of article B, which contained inside A, then go to Q-item of A, add property and paste B title to value field.
I will ask one of the users about scenario, but no much hope on precise answer.

He answered.

One scenario is really can be "optimized". If user have article opened, he can copy URL of "Wikidata item" link from left menu and paste it into value field.

Other one is when user typing title by memory. Example is linking of Q25859213 (РБС / Анатолий (игумен)) to Q65054981 (Анатолий) via P921.
When "Анатолий" is typed inside value field, corresponding item is not showing immediately. If you try adding part of description ("игумен") - "Анатолий игумен" - suggestion list show no items at all. Only clicking "more" button can help, but it is not reliable, of course - there can be hundreds of items with such label.

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