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Ask Museum of Natural History about a room
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The group of Executive Directors is meeting at Wikimania but we are a room short. Contact the Museum of Natural History and ask about a room for the meeting.


  • Thursday, August 15 at 13.00-18.00
  • 15 people
  • A standard meeting room with a projector and WiFi would be great. Some Flipcharts if it's not too much trouble.

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Jopparn triaged this task as High priority.Jul 4 2019, 12:17 AM
Jopparn created this task.

Have asked for a room via email.

We have received an offer and we have replied. Following up with a telephone call if there are some more questions.

Room Andromeda is booked and an email is sent to the restaurant Fossilen about fika with cinnamon rolls.

Do you have confirmation around the catering?

Yes we have (confirmation in Swedish): "Vi skulle vilja beställa fika/te, vatten, frukt och någon typ kanelbulle för 15 personer." The answer: "Hej, Tack för beställningen ,vi ordnar det." Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet Restaurang Fossilen. Mejl: 15 juli 2019 08:25

Do we have a price?

Preliminary 1100 SEK

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