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Give multiple committee members access to domain registrar account
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At the moment no one on the Committee has access to the domain registrar account for It's registered with Domain Central. We need to make sure at least two Committee members have access to this account, either via their own accounts (if possible) or by sharing the password (if we can only have one account).

We also need to update the domain name contact info; at the moment it's still listing John Vandenberg as the contact person. It should be updated to the group email address.

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Samwilson added a subscriber: mike42.

@mike42 you probably can help with this, if you've got time?

I emailed Domain Central's customer support on 26 June and 7 July and heard nothing, and today tried again this time CCing their tech support and at least got a ticket number this time. Will update here when I hear anything, and if nothing's happened in a week I'll lodge a request with AUDA.

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All sorted now. I have access to the Domain Central account, and have updated the domain contact details (see John Vandenberg is still listed as the registrant because there's a $45 charge to change that (and we can wait till within 90 days of the next renewal and do it then for free, or maybe look at switching to a cheaper registrar). I've put my own as the contact email address.