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I want to be able to read a list communication fields in civi
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Please list all fields tied to methods of communication and their data types. It would also be cool (P2) if we could tell the last time a field was used/edited.

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@DStrine Do you just want the list on the task or somewhere else?

mepps renamed this task from list communication fields in civi to I want to be able to read a list communication fields in civi.Aug 2 2019, 3:12 PM

listing them here would be fine with me for now. I think @Eileenmcnaughton was wondering if there is a good place to organize this stuff on wiki. After we do the full mapping of email data and civi, I would like to put it somewhere where it is easy for a new engineer to find and use.

Hmm, so one question. Are we just looking for the fields in the custom set "Communication"? Also, I agree that so far there is no obvious place in our documentation to put this, but that means we need to create one.

@mepps there was a similar task specific to Silverpop which I did - I guess this is about do_not_trade, do_not_solicit, do_not_phone etc

@Eileenmcnaughton in starting this I realized I didn't know whether we used the On Hold field in Civi or do not solicit for those who unsubscribe?

This is from

  • Unsubscribe - this unsubscribes the contact. We add an Unsubscribe activity and set civicrm_contact.is_opt_out to 1. We also search for other instances of that email address & set civicrm_email.is_bulk_mail to 0 for them. Setting this is_bulk_email doesn't really affect anything at the moment but we also do is for DS unsubscribes

I think Do not solicit is manually set by MG staff

Thanks for all this. I think this is pretty good. However I swear we used to have a field "Do not mail" but I only see a "Do not solicit" at this point. did we change the name of this field? Of course I may be remembering this incorrectly.

So do not solicit is a custom field. CiviCRM has the following core fields


I'm not sure if we use these other than is_opt_out.

Note CiviCRM 'respects' some of these fields in some cases - e.g if you export from Civi & choose 'postal addresses' as an option it will exclude do_not_mail contacts. If you send a CiviMail it will ignore is_opt_out and do_not_email. If you send a ' normal' mail from the civicrm UI it respects 'do_not_email'

When we export to silverpop we set is_opted_out if ANY of these are true

@Dstine I added those to the documentation a while back but didn't update the task.

@Eileen I updated this documentation based on my knowledge, but I wasn't sure where is_opt_out was on the Contact we use it?

civicrm_contact.is_opt_out shows up as no bulk emails user opt out. We fill in this field when users unsubscribe via Silverpop or DS & it affects our uploads to Silverpop (and we can't CiviMail them should we wish to)

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