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Feature Request: Support HTML5 figure and figcaption tags, with fallback for older browsers...
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At English Wikisource a situation arose when support for the HTML5 figure, and figcaption tags would be useful.

A simple example being:

There's no option currently for a frameless but captioned image in Mediawiki's defaults, Therefore it is requested that support for the HTML5 figure and figcaption support be considered with respect to image syntax processing, so that wikis can create there own stylesheets for how to style them beyond the limited Mediawiki default behavious. (My suspicion is that most browsers are in effect treating these HTML5 elements as DIV with a semantic meaning, and thus not dissimilar to how Mediawiki processes image syntax currently, albiet to nested DIV's as opposed to the HTML5 elements themselves.)

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How does "support look" like? And where? Please provide a task description that allows others to understand what this task is about. See

(Opps! must have hit save by mistake, added an initial discussion)