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As a new or new to mobile editor, I want to be able to sign-up and log-in smothly, and when I am blocked I want to know why and what to do
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[Super epic for trying to dig into block messages, sign up problems, and other crap that makes it unreasonably difficult to signup/in on apps]

Some specific issues from user reports:

  • accessible sign up (example from store review:"as a blind user this is making me mad")
  • unclear block messages
  • blocked before they've ever even edited
  • can't sign in, even though credentials work elsewhere
  • unclear sign in messages
  • signed out on the web, which (unexpectedly) signed me out on the apps
  • captcha is slow/can't be seen

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JMinor created this task.Jul 8 2019, 5:42 PM
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I'd previously had @chelsyx look into the rate of blocking and IP blocks affecting iOS users. The data showed no particular increase in range blocks or obvious problem areas with increased blocking, but it gives a good start on quant understanding of the situation. T214628