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Talk page discussions appear only for the primary language
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6.3.0 (1642)


  1. With multiple languages set on the app (example: English and Test)
  2. Go to talk page, view the discussions
  3. Change the primary language
  4. Go back to talk page, view the discussions

Discussions from both languages talk pages appear

Only Discussions in the primary language appear

Frequency 5/5


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JMinor lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Jul 11 2019, 8:13 PM
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Per our sync, this should not mix languages together, but we should add our language picker to the footer bar, and users should be able to switch between languages, one at a time.

Tsevener added a subscriber: Tsevener.

Should take on after is merged since the toolbar placement changed a bit.

It looks like the endpoint we're using to get languages for articles in the main namespace doesn't return languages for user talk pages.

This is how the endpoint works for regular articles, like "Dog":

This is how the endpoint works for user talk pages, like "User talk: Badylek": (It's available in Polish and in English

As @Jdforrester-WMF pointed out, it's rare that user pages are cross-linked with interwikis. We could get user's central id using but it's unsure how to go from their central id to their local id to their talk pages.

Pre @Tsevener idea from discussion in meeting this morning lets just show the users preferred languages. That is, when the user taps the language switcher they should see the standard language switcher dialog with only their preferred languages.

If they select a language where they:
(1) have no local log-in/are not logged in to the wiki or
(2) are "logged in" but have a "redlink" (empty) talk page

Show them the existing "no talk content" experience we defined for the primary language.

Otherwise display the user talk page as ususal.

Added language picker here -

I looked into updating "Active conversations on Wikipedia" to say "Active conversations on Test Wikipedia" but it's a wider reaching behavior that may have been deliberate. Maybe we should spin off a subtask to fix this? @JMinor

For example see explore feed random article cell for the Test language ("From Wikipedia" instead of "From Test Wikipedia")

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This is looking great, thanks @Tsevener!