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Lua workshop @ Wikimania hackathon 2019
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Because many communities lack of people with Lua skills, we want to organize a workshop that will be also filmed for future use.

Lua is a very useful programming language that allows to create powerful templates on the Wikimedia projects, for example to get data from Wikidata. This workshop will start from scratch and give you the basics of Lua, so you can create your own scripts or reuse existing ones.

Requirements for the room: 15-20 seats, classroom setup, plenty of power plugs. Big screen/projector in front.

Event Timeline

@Rfarrand Here's a workshop that we would like to include during the hackathon.
Do you think it's feasible?
Do we have options for video recording or should we take care of it with volunteers (eg as the wonderful @Fuzheado?)
Do you need any more info from us at that point?

If we find a couple of assistants as suggested, we could manage a larger audience if the demand was there.

I'm interested to watch the video recording. Make sure the audio is loud and clear.

Hello there! Everyone interested in this workshop, it will take place today at 16:00 in the room Bergsmannen / Curie.
To go there: go back to the registration desk, then take the stairs or elevator to level 7.

Hello all, FYI the workshop is going to be live-streamed, so you can follow it remotely!

If you want to check out again the exercises that we did during the workshop, and some more:
Thanks a lot to @RexxS for the introduction, @VIGNERON for the live assistance, Jan Ainali for the video!

For anyone who is experimenting with Lua here is the link I mentioned to the Scribunto reference manual:

Thanks again to all who attended yesterday's workshop.

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