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ms-be2022 misbehaving / error on boot
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While investigating T225713 I couldn't set the power regulator from ilo ssh. Upon reboot the host came back in UEFI mode and started debian-installer over the network, which I suspect got far enough to wipe partition tables so we'll have to reinstall the host anyways.

I've rebooted and set bios mode back and "os control" for power regulator, at boot I'm seeing this error:

2019-07-10-152844_2560x1440_scrot.png (911×984 px, 31 KB)

A search suggests upgrading firmware and resetting bios settings,

@Papaul what do you think? have you seen this before? thanks!

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Bios upgrade went well, however the error remains, I'm reimaging the host meanwhile since we have to do that anyways

BIOS Version: P89 v2.72 (03/25/2019)

I think only power drain is left, not urgent because the host is back up now, when you get a chance! thanks

Papaul triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 12 2019, 4:55 PM
Papaul moved this task from Backlog to Hardware Failure / Troubleshoot on the ops-codfw board.

Power drain, reboot the sever 3 times no more errors. @fgiunchedi please feel free to double check and resolve task.


Looks good, thanks!