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Export WDQS : iframe et href for External ID (GLAM projects)
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After a query request in english and a chatroom discussion in french, we apply here to ask for a developpement of a feature in WDQS export HTML code (iframe).
Contexte : we are involve to expand collaborations between GLAM and Wikimedia in Switzerland, in particulary with Wikidata, and we think that external ID are a key part of this.
Ask : We would like to have in the HTML export from WDQS's results, the possibility to hide the URL link under the external ID number itself. The same feature as for the ID Wikidata already existing. This is a nesssecity beacuse we don't have a lot of space to dispaly the iframe (see this example) and also in a efficient way to surf for the users.
Thanks you so much for the attention give to our message.

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Hello, I'm also trying to do the same to get a friendlier way to present the URL at the digital library I'm building at an external website over wikidata:
I would really appreciate if there would be some way of hiding the URL with something like "Digital Edition".


To clarify – you want to turn result columns like

into one column like


@Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE yes, correct.
The first column is not mandatory, as the friendly value could be hardcoded in the query as something like "Official website".



Okay, thanks. I think this is also similar to the long-standing idea (not sure if it has a Phabricator task) of turning

wd:Q42Douglas Adams


Several result views already do this automatically (off the top of my head: Graph, Map, Image Grid, Timeline), but previously, we’ve refrained from doing this in the Table result view because that one is supposed to be the most straightforward and direct result view, corresponding pretty clearly to the actual result returned by the query service. (At least that’s what I remember from conversations with Jonas a while ago.) But with the introduction of result view options, it’s now possible to still keep that as the default behavior of the Table result view, while making it possible for query authors to specify which columns should be combined. Off-the-cuff pseudo-syntax:


Come to think of it… there’s no reason the keys in the combine object would have to be valid SPARQL variable names, so this might also be a way to let query authors have more readable column names, even without combining anything:

#defaultView:Table{"combine":{"date of birth":["?dob"]}}

Hello Everybody,

Thanks a lot to @Darwinius to add his comment and suggestions.
Thanks to @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE for his specifications.

All song good.

In my scope, I would prefer the first proposal of Lucas : just the number of the external number with a URL clickeable inside.

Thanks in advance


@Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE looks perfect to me - and the "long-standing idea" you mentioned is something I was also trying to figure how to do, as it would be great to place the Qids there, or to transform them into Reasonator entries, at will.

I hope it is possible to implement!

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