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Make Search Platform metrics available in Druid
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  • search satisfaction (# clicks & # impressions, then compute clickthrough rate as a post-aggregation)
  • results page load times
  • overall volume (# searches)
  • zero results rate (# zero results searches, compute as a post-aggregation using # searches)
  • API volume (# API requests)


  • language & language code
  • project & project code
  • platform (desktop/mobile web/iOS/Android)
  • search type (full-text, “Go” box, morelike, autocomplete searches)

These will be available, initially, as a test_search_platform data cube and then later renamed to search_platform.

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Things that show up as important in our metric-rating spreadsheet that do not seem to be covered by the current list include:


  • abandoned sessions (i.e., no click on search results)
  • expert syntax usage (i.e., using keywords or wildcards)

However, we don't have either of these at the moment, so they aren't critical for a first-pass MVP.

notes for future self:

  • abandoned sessions can just be a post-aggregation metric impressions - clicks, doesn't have to be present at ingestion time
  • expert syntax usage would have to be a boolean dimension, not a metric. we can then compare volumes of searches between true and false values of this dimension
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@debt I'm moving this to our team's icebox, and think it should be revisited when a PM for Search comes onboard.

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