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Move mapping of WMF specific deprecated language codes from MediaWiki to WMF configuration
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Currently MediaWiki contains a mapping of deprecated language codes:

	private static $deprecatedLanguageCodeMapping = [
		// Note that als is actually a valid ISO 639 code (Tosk Albanian), but it
		// was previously used in MediaWiki for Alsatian, which comes under gsw
		'als' => 'gsw', // T25215
		'bat-smg' => 'sgs', // T27522
		'be-x-old' => 'be-tarask', // T11823
		'fiu-vro' => 'vro', // T31186
		'roa-rup' => 'rup', // T17988
		'zh-classical' => 'lzh', // T30443
		'zh-min-nan' => 'nan', // T30442
		'zh-yue' => 'yue', // T30441

The language code als is only WMF specific because the Alemannic Wikipedia was created at The Alemannic Wikipedia uses as language code gsw with the language names Alemannic, Alsatian, Swiss German ( als is the language code for Tosk Albanian (

The current mapping in MediaWiki blocks that als can used as Tosk Albanian in a MediaWiki project not related to the WMF projects. The mapping is only specific to WMF projects and therefor the mapping from als to gsw should moved out of MediaWiki into a WMF configuration for the WMF projects.