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Piped wikilinks in imagemaps go to label instead of target
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In the Wikipedia Android App (Version 2.7.50282-r-2019-05-24) if I click on an imagemap link, I will get to the label of that link, not to the target.
Example: If I open on the app, and click on the image, I will get to [[Peyton List]], while the imagemap states [[Peyton List (Schauspielerin, 1998)|Peyton List]].

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Parsoid and/or Page Library friends, this is one for you. Not sure these projects currently support imagemaps, so alas we do not either.

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On both,

poly 1482 502 1316 1048 1496 2700 1808 2720 1906 1642 1847 546 [[Peyton List (Schauspielerin, 1998)|Peyton List]]

ends up as,

<area href="/wiki/Peyton_List_(Schauspielerin,_1998)" shape="poly" coords="95,32,84,67,96,173,116,174,122,105,118,35" alt="Peyton List" title="Peyton List">

(This is also true of the Parsoid native implementation in T94793)

Clicking any of the links in the imagemap in the Android client doesn't really take me anywhere, but that seems like a more general problem than what's described here.

I'm going to remove Parsoid tags since the problem doesn't seem to be in how Parsoid is rendering the imagemap.