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Investigate 2019-07-11 page load time regression on mobile (1.34-wmf.13)
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Here seems to be a fairly confident +50ms regression on page load time (at the 75th percentile).

Found through navtiming-loadEventEnd, but also seen under:

  • navtiming-domComplete (same amount: ~ +50ms)
  • mediaWikiLoadEnd (more affected: ~ +80ms)
  • navtiming-processing (same amount: ~ +50ms)

See also for the definitions of these metrics.

Event Timeline

Note: The CSS that spiked in T227929 was subject to caching however SWATs on 15th and 16th would have reduced the CSS payload for most users. does seem to be in decline now @Krinkle - do you think this was the cause?

Lemme know if you think this needs further investigation.