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Please create a wiki for Wikimedia Portugal
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Author: nunotavares

Language: pt - Português
Sitename: Wikimedia Portugal

(will upload to Commons

  • $wgImportSources: array( 'w', 'meta' )

Is it possible to reply to vhost "" and "" ? This domain is offered on the PT chapter legal registration.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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I am setting up the wiki now. However, the image needs to be a png, appropriately sized, with a transparent background. Please upload this to commons for use (and have it protected) and I can upload the config to point to it.

I have created the wiki at:

Right now it has the namespace/talk items requested, as well as the import sources. Logo is addressed in my previous entry.

What do you mean for a vhost? Right now we do not control the domains, you guys do. I can put in a redirect on our site that will forward to the current url if you would like? (This is what we tend to do with most chapters who have their own domain in addition to using ours.)

Please advise

nunotavares wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Hi Rob, I didn't know you used redirects. It's fine for me, I just mentioned setting the ServerAlias on the VirtualHost directive because would avoid 2 hits (the initial one and the final one). We will let you know when the logo is ready, so please the request open.

Thanks for everything. -NT

nunotavares wrote:

Please consider replying to as well, no matter what method you use [redirect or serveralias].


nunotavares wrote:

Rob, I've setup a redirection for but would like to know if it's possible to do what I asked above. Anyway, these are still missing:

Thanks again

I have gone ahead and made the changes for logo and site name, I do not want to touch the apache configs right now, since we are in staff meetings and I cannot be around to monitor and ensure that nothing breaks.

I will keep this ticket open to attempt to finish up for you next week. Sorry for the delay!

Hi, Rob,

Any ideas on when you could look at this to finish the server configuration?

Also, the logo for the site needs to be changed. The current version doesn't conform to WMF's visual identity guidelines; I uploaded a corrected version at the same location:


Ok, the current logo was already set, since you uploaded it in the same place.

The only thing left for this is to have and point to correct?

(In reply to comment #9)

The only thing left for this is to have and point
to correct?

Actually, we eventually decided to move the wiki to our servers, and are currently awaiting feedback on bug 23537. Could you comment there, please?